How to Become an Internet Celebrity

Many people have some idols or someone they look up to on social media and someone who they follow daily for content and inspiration. These people are often considered internet celebrities. Well, what if you wanted to become one? Surely that is impossible? It is not, actually, it is quite possible. Here is what you need to do in order to become an internet celebrity.

Choose What you Want to Do

Internet celebrities do plenty of things, some are gamers, others adventurers, some are dancers, others musicians. Depending on what you do and what you know how to do or are prepared to learn, you should choose something and stick to it, because you will need to do that one thing consistently. You could branch out, but staying close to that one thing of choice should bring you a steady influx of target audience.

Choose Your Platform

Choosing your platform is just as important as choosing what you want to do. YouTube requires you to put out videos or songs while Instagram requires you to post photos, smaller stories or short videos. Facebook can be used universally and Twitter, as well. Some platforms favor some types of posts as opposed to others, for example. YouTube is great for videos while Instagram is great for photos. You do always post on multiple platforms, however, one of them is the main platform.

Consistency is Key

If you are online and posting stuff, then take a month’s worth of break, the silence is not going to gain you any followers. There is no guarantee that even if you worked that month, you would get more followers or subscribers, but fresh content is definitely going to keep you relevant, at least for the search engine, if not the people. Even one person more is important, especially when starting.

Quality Over Quantity

Even though you should be posting every day, sometimes multiple times per day, you should note that the quality of your posts matters, especially if you are on YouTube. Instagram photos also matter, especially when it comes to the quality over quantity. You should not sacrifice the quality even if it means venturing into the next day. Quick posts can update your followers, for example, tweets could notify your followers that your video was delayed.

The Correct Use of Hashtags

Using the appropriate tags is very important as it can get you that extra follower without so much as a hassle. It takes minutes but it can be worthwhile in the long run. Get the hashtags right and you will get more people to your channel or profile.

Patience and Perseverance

As it unfolds, you channel is certainly not going to be followed by millions in a short time, as there are very few channels and profiles which got that many followers overnight. It takes patience, time and perseverance to build your reputation and gain followers and subscribers. Take your time, blow off the steam but remain consistent and put out quality content on a daily basis. The followers will come, sooner or later.

Follow these tips and you should be set to become an internet celebrity.