How to Engage with Customers on the Websites You Create

Creating a website is one thing and then getting the customers is another completely different thing. No matter the services you offer or the goods you sell, you still have to somehow engage with your community to keep it interesting. Many sites like have various offers for their users and that seems to work for them! But what about you – what can you do to bring in users? Look no further – here are some of the ways you can do that.

Organize a Community – Create a Forum

Most successful sites have forums where the companies communicate with their customers. This is a great way of getting to know your customers and their opinions. Some companies make the mistake of creating a forum but never engaging in conversation with their customers. That is something you should avoid, completely if possible.

If you are going to take the time and create a forum, then be sure to have people who will be engaged in communicating with the customers. Conversation and topic starters should always be present, like weekly discussion threads or customer service threads. A company which is in constant communication with their customers is always the good guy.

Do Community Collaborations or Projects

Unless you are at a very early stage of development, doing community collaborations and projects is always a great way of engaging with your customers and scouting for new talent. Somebody just might help you finish a project much faster or with better optimization. That kind of person could be your next team member.

Exclusive Content

Customers always like exclusive content, no matter the type. If you can offer something that will be sold for a limited time only and your brand is already somewhat established, then you will likely sell that, whether a product or service. The exclusivity of content is always attractive to customers, as they know it is a one-time thing, only.

Add a Contact Option on the Home Page

Chat boxes and live chat methods can always be used to help engage with your customers. People should be encouraged to use these chat boxes, as they will often type in stuff in hope of getting a response soon. But if you do place a chat box, have someone assigned to customer support who will be always on duty to answer. You do not want to have an inactive chat box.

Free Stuff – Services or Products

Offer free stuff from time to time, whether as simple as an emoticon or something like that, it will surely bring people closer and increase their time spent on the site. If a product is free, then you retain a customers. Free trials are a great way of implementing this.

These are some simple ways to engage with your customers and bond with them. A happy loyal and happy customer is the best customer.