What does the future hold for internet users?

Although just a couple of decades old, the internet has gone through some significant changes and is still changing. It grew out of a small independent network to such a degree that it is now being used all over the world by a remarkable number of people. We all use it for work, watching Youtube, betting online with Betfair Promo Code, and so much more. That means that it currently serves not only as a platform for business and education but for communication, entertainment, and many other purposes and goals. What’s more, people can use lots of different devices to connect to this enormous network.

But, what will happen to the internet in the future? How will this huge network evolve and what can we expect from it based on the information we have gathered so far? Let’s talk about that.

The internet will speed up

Surely you are aware that the internet speed has changed a lot. Some people might even remember dial-up internet services and old modems and how much time it took them to establish an internet connection. However, nowadays the internet is much faster compared to the time it started to grow. Having in mind the increasing number of developers and programmers working on the improvement of today’s technology, we can expect that the internet will definitely speed up to a great extent. To make a comparison, the fastest internet speed in 2009 was around 1.7 megabits per second, while the fastest speed of the internet ever recorded was around 100 billion megabits per second. This only shows what a couple of years can do, so we can expect huge changes in the near future.

The number of users will increase

We can also expect a huge increase in the number of users. As hardware and software technology keeps developing, the prices of various devices that can connect to the internet keep decreasing. This means that more people will get their hands on the internet and enjoy the benefits of this enormous platform. According to some estimates, it is expected that there will be over five billion smartphone users in 2019. In 2016, 62.9 percent of the world population already owned a mobile phone. The figures have been growing, and it is estimated that the percentage reached 67 at the beginning of 2019.

The amount of data will grow

Another important thing to think about regarding the future of the internet is the amount of data created over time. Of course, this is tightly connected with the internet speed. Due to the enormous growth in internet connection speeds, around 90 percent of all data in the world was created in the last two years. The more the speed of the internet increases, the more data will be created each year. Therefore, we can expect a lot more data and information available to us on the internet.

Internet security will improve

There is one more thing to consider about possible future developments of the internet and that is internet security. Although a lot of cyber-attacks have happened so far, it can be expected that developers, programmers, and engineers will continue to work hard to make progress in the field of internet security. However, this may slow down the development and growth of the data available online as there will be more security measures and regulations to be followed before anything can be uploaded to the internet.