How to Have Fun on the Internet

Being online does not mean that you can have fun, just by being online. Some people end up scrolling endlessly through their news feeds and still feeling relatively similar as they did when they started scrolling. In order to have fun, you should do fun things online. Here is a list of things you can do to keep yourself entertained online.

Play Video Games

Being online makes it very simple for you to play video games. You can either opt for browser games, which are aplenty, from pacman iterations, to Google’s own T-Rex. There are plenty of browser game sites which offer anything from shooters to simulations, all of them relatively playable and fun.

There are the larger games which you can download and then play online, games like the Asphalt series and various mobile sports games. You could also play chess and while some might argue that it is not a game, there still are plenty of applications, for both online and offline players.

Listen to Music

Being online and listening to music is almost like living in absolute silence. There are so many streaming services today which offer music for free, like YouTube, or those which offer it with a paid subscription, like Spotify or Apple Music. SoundCloud is a great option if you want to explore something new and off the beaten path.

Watch Movies or TV Shows

It is almost impossible to mention music and streaming without mentioning TV shows or movies. There also are plenty of movie and TV show streaming services, like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon or HBO. Many of these offer one month of free movies and TV shows. You can try some of them to see which platform you like the best, but watching movies or TV shows is definitely a very simple way to stay entertained online.

Podcasts and Documentaries

If you are unable to watch a documentary, you should be able to listen to a podcast. There are plenty of sites like TED Talks which allow you to listen to speeches and podcasts. Documentaries are an option if you can sit down and watch them, as you can learn about your favorite topics. Engaging in something you love and are passionate about is about as entertaining as it can get.

Watch Best Of Compilations

If you really do not know what to do, there are plenty of best of compilations online. You can watch anything from breakdancing moves to pranks and beyond. Seeing what people are capable of, taken to the uttermost extreme should be entertaining.


When in doubt, visit Reddit. It has news just about everything, topic on everything and chances are you will find something entertaining. If it is not entertaining, then it will be controversial or mind-boggling. Reddit is a treasure for those bored and in need of fun.

Watch Streamers and Content Creators

If you are in trouble, streamers and content creators are always an option. There are plenty of streaming sites like YouTube or Twitch is a great platform if you want to watch people streaming anything from video games to real-life stuff. Content creators usually publish their stuff on YouTube.

These are some of the things you can do online to have fun. As long as you are engaged and interested, anything can keep you happy and the internet is not lacking for things interesting.