The Current Internet Trends

The internet always trends with something, usually more than one thing. It can be anything, from memes to selfies, to viral videos, video games, or websites with Ladbrokes Sign Up Offer or similar offers… Some of these things are always trending, like memes and selfies, while others go out of style. Here are the most-trending topics online.

Selfies – Photos of Oneself

Selfies have become increasingly popular with the rise of front-facing cameras on phones. Not only have the cameras become much better, but phones are actually built with selfies in mind. Some have specific buttons or gestures which can be used to take photos with the front-facing camera. The photos are simple and can be taken everywhere, from the streets to the mountain tops and breathtaking edges of roofs.

GIF Animations – The Images with Flare

GIF animations are everywhere, from tweets to Facebook posts and almost every message on every platform. They are pretty simple to use and can convey an emotion perfectly. When one does not want to send a selfie, they resort to GIFs to relay their feelings. GIF responses are particularly prevalent on Twitter, even though Facebook users are no slouches in that regard.

Memes – The Fun Starts There

Memes have been here for a while and ever since they became popular, they never left the limelight. Interestingly enough, memes and GIFs are almost interchangeable, a GIF can be a meme and vice versa. There are plenty of sites which explain the origins of a certain meme.

Social Media Hashtags

Even regular people without aspirations to become famous internet personalities use hashtags in their posts, tweets and pictures. This can be rather helpful as you can use these tags to find images and posts which might be relevant to you. The same goes for other people searching for your images and posts.


Cryptocurrencies had their boom in 2018, as well as their decline, at least in terms of graphics card mining. The result is a market full of used graphics cards and people with more knowledge about cryptocurrencies. Still in development and far from widespread usage, cryptocurrencies strive to make a decentralized, secure system of financial management and transactions.

News Through Social Media

Traditional news outlets were deemed too slow and more often than not, social media sites are the first ones to report on a piece of news. Whether an accident, a childbirth or anything in between, social media sites are usually the first one to have a report. This is due to the ease of access when posting and the sheer number of users.

Social Media Gods

Many people became famous through the use of social media, from Logan Paul to Ninja, the famous streamer, not to mention PewDiePie, the rise of internet celebrities has never been as noticed as of late.

These are the current internet trends and it is very likely that many of these will be here to stay, regardless of their ongoing trendiness. Memes and GIFs are not going anywhere and while the status of internet celebrities may change, the fact that there will be internet celebrities will not change.